Swimming Pool Return Jet Installation

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The return jet is a critical component of your swimming pool's filtration system. After the water has been sucked into the filter from the skimmer and pumped through the filter, the water is then released through the return jet to circulate. Most pools will have a pre-cut opening for the return jet in the pool wall, which takes one headache away from installation. You will need a razor to cut the lining around the jet.


Things You'll Need

  • Pvc Tape

  • Silicone Caulk

  • Razor

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Step 1

Fill the pool up to just below the return jet. This makes cutting the vinyl liner to your pool more accurate, since the weight of the water has stretched the lining.

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Step 2

Cut the opening of the liner to match the pre-cut opening on the pool wall. Make this cut slightly smaller in diameter, about 3/4-inch, than the cut-out on the wall itself. Cut slowly and carefully to avoid ruining the pool liner by slipping with the razor. Outline the opening in pencil first if it makes it easier for you.

Step 3

Wrap all the screw threading on the return jet assembly with a layer of PVC tape. Screw the hose adapter and outlet fitting together. Place a gasket on the fitting and insert through the pool wall and liner from the interior.

Step 4

Place another gasket on the directional flow outlet fitting that is assembled on the interior of the pool wall. Screw this locknut tightly into the hose adapter and outlet fitting assembly. The gaskets will create an airtight seal.


Step 5

Place the directional eyeball behind the last screw fitting of the return jet assembly. Take these two components and screw the fitting into the interior face of the return jet. The threading for this will be tight and only need to turn it a handful of times, clockwise, in order to tighten it. Adjust the direction eyeball to face away from the skimmer.


Step 6

Apply a thin layer of silicone caulk around the base of the return jet fitting on the exterior of the pool wall. This will provide an extra line of waterproof sealant for the return jet.