How to Get a Bunny out of a Hole in Your House

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Things You'll Need

  • Live trap

  • Bait

The right bait will lure a rabbit out of your house.

Rabbits, like squirrels and other small animals, sometimes find their way into holes in your house. Rabbits can find a new home in a wall, or under a garage or home addition. Whether it's your pet bunny run amok or a wild rabbit, you can successfully and safely remove it after it finds its way into your house with the right bait and a bit of patience.


Step 1

Examine the outside of your home for holes under porches, additions and garages. Look for places the rabbit might have entered. Even small holes could provide a point of entry. If your indoor bunny has gotten loose, check walls, crawl spaces and behind appliances for openings.

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Step 2

Locate the hole and set a live trap. These traps don't harm animals and are commonly found at hardware stores and major retailers; some animal-control agencies will rent or lend them, as well. Use celery, carrots, lettuce or rabbit pellets as the bait. Place the trap outside of the entry hole and remain patient; it might take several hours for the rabbit to emerge. When the rabbit is hungry enough, it will find its way out of the hole. Rabbits are most active at dusk and dawn.


Step 3

Check the trap every 12 hours. Once the rabbit comes out of the hole and trips the trap, he'll be safely held in the cage. Like any animal, the rabbit often will be scared, so approach the cage slowly and put a large towel over the cage to limit the rabbit's visual stimulation. This will help calm the rabbit while you transport it to a safe location for release.

Step 4

Properly repair the hole so other rabbits or small animals can't re-enter your home.


Check the trapping or game regulations in your area before trying to trap wildlife. Release the rabbit as soon as possible after you have trapped it to reduce stress on the animal. If after several hours, the rabbit doesn't come out of the hole, try a different bait to lure it out. Dandelions are an optional bait for rabbits.


If you are uncomfortable or unsure about trapping a rabbit, call a professional animal-removal service or your local animal control. Do not put your hands in the cage. Allow the rabbit to come out on its own accord.



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