How to Remove the Swimming Pool Return Outlet

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The swimming pool return outlet is where the clean filtered water is released back into your swimming pool. The hardest part of installing a pool return outlet is cutting the hole for the outlet during installation. Once the hole is cut for the return outlet, installing and removing it is relatively straightforward. You may need to remove the return outlet for replacement or installation of a pool light and outlet combination.

Step 1

Drain your pool below the return jet fitting to avoid flooding. Turn the multi-port valve of your filter to "drain" to lower the water level.

Step 2

Turn the directional flow output fitting counterclockwise and remove along with the eyeball. This is located inside the pool and where the water spouts from.

Step 3

Turn the the last piece of the directional flow outlet fitting counterclockwise to remove. Pliers may be necessary to grab a strong grip on the piece, especially if it has been in place for a long time.

Step 4

Scrape off the silicon sealant from the outside of the pool wall. Apply inward pressure to the hose adapter fitting from the outside of the pool wall. This will pop it out from the pool wall.