How to Hang a Frameless Door Mirror

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Things You'll Need

  • Carpenter's level

  • Pencil

  • Measuring tape

  • Awl

  • Mirror clip kit with 4 clips and 4 screws

  • Screwdriver

Hang a full-length hidden mirror on the inside of a swinging closet door.

Full-length mirrors are handy for checking out your entire outfit at a single glance. Due to their shapes, however, full-length mirrors may be difficult to fit into the room's decor. Fortunately, doors offer a perfect hanging spot for full-length mirrors. Hanging a frameless rectangular mirror on a bathroom, bedroom or closet door is a simple project that requires no special tools or advanced carpentry experience. Plain or decorative mirror clips, available at most home improvement stores, install in minutes. Because the stress on the fasteners is primarily vertical, no anchoring devices are needed.


Step 1

Place the mirror on the door, where you plan to install it. Level the mirror by placing a carpenter's level on the top edge of the mirror. Use a pencil to trace two faint lines on the door, across the bottom and the top of the mirror. Remove the mirror.

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Step 2

Measure from the lateral edges of the door to mark the traced lines where you plan to install the mirror clips. Two clips are typically placed 2 to 3 inches from the vertical edges, top and bottom of the mirror, and centered to the door. Use an awl to indent the door at the marks indicating the positions of the lower mirror clips. The indentations, approximately 1/4 inch deep, will serve as pilot holes.


Step 3

Install the two bottom mirror clips. Align the screw holes in the clips to the pilot holes in the door and then screw them in place with a screwdriver. Do not tighten the screws.

Step 4

Position the mirror on the door so its lower edge is supported by the lower mirror clips. Place the first upper mirror clip on the upper edge of the mirror, in line with the reference mark, so the mirror is held between the clip and the door. Pass the tip of the awl through the screw hole in the clip to mark its position on the door. Remove the clip. Deepen the indention with the awl. Repeat to make a pilot hole for the opposite upper mirror clip.


Step 5

Reposition the mirror clips on the door. Screw them in place. Tighten all four screws so the mirror is held securely on the door. Do not over-tighten.


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