How to Remove an AquaSource Kitchen Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Towel

  • Pliers

AquaSource kitchen faucets are sold by Lowe's as one of their in-store brands. They come in a wide variety of styles and can sometimes be less expensive than designer faucet brands. However, if you've decided that it's time for a remodel, and you need to remove your AquaSource kitchen faucet, the process isn't complicated.


Step 1

Look underneath the sink for the AquaSorce faucet's supply valves. Follow the hoses connected to the underside of the faucet to where they meet the water supply valves at the wall. There will be two water supply valves: one for hot and one for cold. Rotate the knobs on the end of the supply valves to cut the water supply to the AquaSource.

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Step 2

Hold a towel underneath the water supply valves. Using a wrench, loosen the hose coupling where the supply hose connects to the valve. Wipe up any water that drips out with the towel.

Step 3

Loosen the other end of the supply hoses where they connect beneath the AquaSource, using a pair of pliers. Some water may drip out here, too, so keep the towel ready.


Step 4

Disconnect the sprayer hose, if present, from the underside of the AquaSource. Use pliers, if needed.

Step 5

Locate the retaining nuts holding the AquaSource in place underneath. These are usually made out of plastic. Use a pair of pliers to loosen both of the retaining nuts.


Step 6

Gently rock the top of the AquaSource faucet back and forth on the countertop, to free it from any caulk or putty holding it in place. Lift the AquaSource up and out of the counter mounting holes.


If needed, use a sharp utility knife to carefully cut away the caulk around the base of the faucet to help free it. Take care not to scratch the sink or the counter while you're working.


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