How to Knit a Baby Blanket on a Long Loom

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Knitted baby blankets are the perfect gift for the parents of a newborn baby. Whether the blanket becomes crib decor or a blanket that child can't live without, this DIY gift will be a keepsake. Major yarn brands offer baby yarn in snuggly blends and playful colors, and two skeins of this style yarn will be plenty to knit a 25-by-25-inch square baby blanket. Knitting with looms takes the complicated stitch work and finger dexterity out of the equation, and replaces them with a repetition of peg wrapping. And using a loom to knit the blanket makes this project so easy, you can complete this blanket while watching television or a movie at home.


Knitting a baby blanket is one of the easiest projects to create on a long loom.

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Things You'll Need

  • Loom Hook

  • Long Loom

  • 2 Skeins Baby Yarn

  • Yarn Needle

Step 1

Loop a slip knot onto the end of the yarn. Place the slip knot on the horizontal starter peg.

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Step 2

Wrap the yarn clockwise around each peg along the length of the loom. Turn the loom and continue wrapping the yarn clockwise around each of the back pegs along the length of the loom.

Step 3

Reverse wrapping direction at the last peg, and wrap each peg a second time, now counter clockwise.


Step 4

Knit off the stitches by sliding the loop hook underneath the bottom wrap on the vertical starter peg. Life the bottom wrap over the top wrap and peg, letting the stitch fall to the backside of the peg.

Step 5

Repeat the knitting off process along all the front and back side pegs to create the first complete row of stitches.


Step 6

Repeat wrapping and knitting off process for approximately 100 rows of stitches.

Step 7

Cut the working yarn with an extra yard of length using the scissors. Thread the end of the working yarn through the yarn needle. Thread the needle underneath the wrap of the vertical starter peg, and pull the stitch off the peg.


Step 8

Repeat threading process for each peg to knit off the final stitch row. Knot the working yarn at the end of the stitch row. Trim excess working yarn using the scissors.


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