How to Adjust the Oiler on a McCulloch Chain Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Bar and chain oil

  • Rag

  • Screwdriver

McCulloch chain saws operate with an automatic oil pump, which utilizes a piston to force lubrication from the tank onto the spinning bar and chain. While the pump works automatically once the clutch engages, you can regulate the overall output, increasing or decreasing the amount according to the cutting needs. The automatic oil pump screw allows you to ensure that the bar and chain always receive a sufficient amount of lubrication while cutting.


Step 1

Turn the McCulloch chain saw to the "Off" setting. Press the brake handle forward to lock the chain brake. Set the chain saw on its side.

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Step 2

Unscrew the oil tank cap. Fill the tank with the proper amount of bar and chain oil. Wipe any spilled oil from the area around the tank. Refit the tank cap and tighten it.

Step 3

Turn the chain saw upside down and locate the automatic oiler control screw. This screw may also be located on the side of the chain saw near the oil tank. However, not all models of McCulloch chain saws have an adjustable screw.

Step 4

Turn the screw towards the "+" sign to increase the amount of oil flowing to the bar. Turn the screw towards the "-" sign to decrease the amount of oil flowing to the bar.

Step 5

Begin normal operation of the chain saw. Monitor the amount of oil flowing to the bar and chain. Adjust the oiler screw as needed.


If oil doesn't come on the bar and chain, take the chain saw to a professional service mechanic.



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