How to Kill Flies in My Garage

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Things You'll Need

  • Flytraps

  • Light trap

  • Fly swatter

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Although most flies do not bite, they can still be a nuisance when they find their way into your garage. Some types of flies, such as the housefly, blow fly and face fly can even carry bacteria and transmit diseases. Using bug spray for spot treatments is an effective way to control a small number of flies in a garage; however, there are other steps to take if you have an ongoing pest problem or a large number of flies to deal with.


Step 1

Locate and remove the item attracting the flies. Flies are attracted to things that compost or decay. This includes household garbage or dead animals, such as mice or birds that become trapped and die in the garage. Although horse and cow manure are the fly's favorite breeding grounds, cat and dog feces can attract them if your pet has a mishap in the garage.

Step 2

Hang sticky flytraps around the garage. Flies prefer to rest in areas that are high up and away from the ground. Place the flytraps near the ceiling of the garage to attract flies to their final resting spot.


Step 3

Use an electrocuting light trap. Turn off all other lights and cover any windows in the garage. This will make the light trap the only source of light in the room, causing the flies to gravitate to it.

Step 4

Use an old-fashioned fly swatter. Hold the fly swatter above the fly, but about 1 ½ inches behind it. Flies actually move slightly backward when they take off. The fly will then position itself perfectly within the killing target when it tries to leave.