How to Make a Bird Caller Out of Household Items

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Things You'll Need

  • Spring-type clothespin

  • Electrical tape

  • Rubber band

Try to replicate his call with your homemade bird caller.

If you're a bird enthusiast, making your own bird caller is the perfect craft project for you. Callers can attract a variety of birds to your area. As a bird watcher, you'll enjoy the many species that will flock to you, and you'll be able to study their features and behaviors. Using just a few household items, you can make a caller that will be ready to lure birds to your location in no time.


Step 1

Pull apart the clothespin, separating the two halves. Discard the metal spring.

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Step 2

Wrap electrical tape two or three times around each end of the clothespin halves.

Step 3

Stretch a rubber band lengthwise over one of the clothespin halves. The rubber band should be flexible enough not to break when extended.


Step 4

Lay the other clothespin half on top of the rubber-banded one in the same position that it was in before you pulled it apart from the other half.

Step 5

Hold the clothespin pieces together and extend the rubber band in between them to create a crossover -- looping over the second clothespin half -- that will secure the halves together from top to bottom. Blow into the space between the clothespin halves to make bird call sounds.



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