How to Straighten a Bent Silver Ring

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Things You'll Need

  • Ring mandrel

  • Rawhide mallet

  • Polishing cloth

Silver rings are charming and lovely pieces of jewelry, but due to the softness of silver they have a tendency to bend and lose their shape over time. Instead of losing a favorite silver ring or having to replace it, unbending the ring is easily done with just a couple of tools that are inexpensive. You can have your bent ring back to new in a matter of minutes and gain the skills required to repair any other rings that might get bent in the future.


Step 1

Place the silver ring on a ring mandrel, sliding it down as far as it will go comfortably. As you move the ring farther down the mandrel, you will notice it become less bent just from being on the mandrel. The type of mandrel you use can either be an inexpensive plastic one or a sturdy steel mandrel.

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Step 2

Hold the ring on the mandrel with one hand and hit it gently with the rawhide mallet using your other hand. Rotate the ring slightly on the mandrel between each whack with the mallet so that it is even all the way around. If the ring is not straightening, try increasing the force of the hits with the mallet.


Step 3

Remove the ring from the mandrel and spin it a few times to be sure it is completely straightened. If there are still slight bends, put it back on the mandrel and repeat the process. Once you are satisfied with the results, polish the ring with a polishing cloth.


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