How to Decorate With Old Crocks

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Things You'll Need

  • Scented pinecones

  • Assorted ribbons and laces

  • Firestarters

  • Kindling

  • Eucalyptus sprays

  • Dried grasses and seedpods

  • Seasonal decorations

  • Antique workbench

  • Miniature Christmas tree or feather tree

  • Twinkle lights

  • Miniature Christmas ornaments

  • Fabric pieces and threads

Crocks make versatile displays for everything from flowers to kitchen tools.

Stone crocks were once a common and functional part of most households and general stores, holding everything from pickles and salt brine to butter, cheese and molasses. Today they are most often used as decorative items in country or primitive decorating styles. Since crocks come in many different sizes and are designed to hold items, you can use your decorative crock in many of the same ways you would use a decorative basket. Crocks are breakable and typically considerably heavier than baskets, so situate them in a secure place where they cannot easily fall.


Crock Full of Style

Step 1

Fill a crock with scented pinecones to add subtle fragrance to a room. Tie a gingham ribbon around the crock in a color to complement your room décor.

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Step 2

Place a medium-sized crock next to a fireplace or woodstove. Fill the crock with firestarters and kindling.

Step 3

Display a large bouquet of eucalyptus, dried grasses and seedpods in an old pickle crock in your living room or family room. Add a handful of colorful leaves in the autumn, a spray of holly leaves and berries in winter, a plush stuffed bunny and pastel paper mache eggs in spring, and a straw garden hat and gloves in summer.


Step 4

Line up an assortment of crocks of different sizes along an antique workbench in your kitchen. Fill the crocks with kitchen essentials, aprons and dish towels.

Step 5

Place a small artificial Christmas tree or feather tree in an old crock. Decorate it with tiny twinkle lights and miniature ornaments, and keep it in a corner of your bedroom during the holiday season.

Step 6

Fill an old crock with fabric pieces and threads to use in sewing and quiltmaking. Place the crock on a worktable in your sewing room.


Move your stoneware crocks out to your porch in warmer weather. Use them as decorative planters for bright annuals such as zinnias, geraniums and impatiens.


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