How to Make a Tire Rack Out of 2x4s

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • 4 pine boards, 2-by-4-by-72 inches

  • 6 pine boards, 2-by-4-by-86 inches

  • 4 pine boards, 2-by-4-by-15 inches

  • 2 pine boards, 2-by-6-by-40 inches

  • Screw gun

  • 48 wood screws, 3 1/2-inch

Pine boards are often used for homemade tire racks.

Keep your tires from rolling around your garage with a tire rack. A tire rack keeps your old and new tires organized and positioned for easy access. Build your own tire rack using 2-by-4 construction lumber. It is called 2-by-4 lumber because it was milled from 2-by-4 inches to 1 ½-by-3 ½ inches. These boards are as long as 24-feet in length. This lumber can be purchased at any local hardware store and will work well for a tire rack that can store over 10 tires.


Step 1

Lay two 72-inch boards flat and parallel to each other so their outside edges are 86 inches apart. Set three 86-inch boards on top of them at right angles so their ends are flush with the sides of the shorter boards. Space the 86-inch boards 42 ¾ inches apart so the two outside 86-inch boards are flush with the ends of the 72-inch boards. Screw the 86-inch boards to the 72-inch boards in this position using four screws for each board. This is one side to your frame repeat this step to build the other side.

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Step 2

Position the sides to your tire rack upright and parallel so the 86-inch boards are 15 inches apart. Position a 15-inch board against each pair of ends provided by the 86-inch boards, except the two bottom pair. The corners of these boards are flush. Screw the boards in this position using four screws for each 15-inch board.


Step 3

Position a 40-inch board against the bottom ends of the two 86-inch boards. These are the feet to your tire rack and they will keep it from tipping. Center the feet against the rack so their ends are each 10 inches away from the sides of the rack. Screw the feet to the rack using four screws for each 40-inch board.

Step 4

Set your tires on the 86-inch boards so they are positioned at a right angle to the boards.


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