How to Make a Paper Funnel With Rectangular Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Tape

If you don't have a funnel, you can create a makeshift one out of paper.

In a pinch you can quickly roll a piece of rectangular paper into a funnel. A square piece of paper will make a funnel too. Although paper funnels are primarily useful for funneling dry ingredients, you can use them successfully to funnel liquid, providing you work quickly so the paper doesn't have time to break down from the liquid. To ensure that the paper funnel doesn't fail while funneling liquids, make the funnel out of parchment paper.

Step 1

Lay the paper on a table or counter top. Orient it so one corner of the paper is centered directly in front of you, with one long side to the left and one short side facing to the right. The paper should sit at a 45-degree angle, relative to the edge of the table in front of you.

Step 2

Mark the corner closest to you as number one. Mark the corner directly opposite it as number two.

Step 3

Pick up the edge of the paper with your right hand at the corner marked number one. Roll the corner away from you. As you roll, slide your right hand to the right side of the paper, and slide your left hand to the left side of the paper.

Step 4

Continue rolling the paper into a tube. As you roll, use the fingers of your left hand to roll that side of the sheet of paper into a tube the approximate diameter of a pencil. Loosely grasp the right side of the paper with your right hand in a claw-like configuration, and roll that side of the paper into a tube the approximate diameter of a stair railing. Don't worry if the tube seems misshapen. You'll adjust the shape later.

Step 5

Hold your thumb over the corner marked number two -- the number now appears on the underside of the corner currently on the outside of the cone. Exert gentle pressure and hold it with your fingers in a claw-type position. Peer down through the wider opening at the top of the cone to determine the size of the smaller opening in the bottom of the cone. Gently grasp the top part of the cone and twist it to the right to make the bottom opening smaller -- twist the top of the cone to the left to make it larger.

Step 6

Put a piece of tape over the corner marked number two, to hold the cone together while you use it for a funnel.


Use a gentle touch when rolling and handling the paper funnel -- it will easily become misshapen if handled roughly.