How to Make Plastic Flower Pots Look Vintage

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Abrasive sponge

  • Towel

  • Newspaper

  • Exterior grade spray primer for plastic

  • Exterior grade spray paint for plastic

  • Exterior paint color in cans

  • Paper plate

  • Disposable gloves

  • Rags

Plastic pots are functional but not attractive.

Plastic plant pots are both inexpensive and lightweight, making them good options for many parts of the garden and landscape. However, they are not very attractive and the colors stand in stark contrast to other planters and garden statues. One way of solving this problem is to paint the plastic planters using multiple colors creating an antique look. The result is a plastic planter that blends well into the outdoor décor and closely resembles clay pots.


Step 1

Wash the pot's interior and exterior thoroughly using clean water and a scrub sponge removing all soil and dust from the surface. You do not have to remove any stains, since the paint covers them. Dry the plastic pot thoroughly using a towel.

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Step 2

Place the planter upside down on top of a layer of newspapers in a well-ventilated location.

Step 3

Open a can of spray exterior-grade primer designed for plastic and spray the pot's entire exterior until none of the former color remains visible. Wait until the primer dries.

Step 4

Open a can of exterior grade spray paint designed for plastic. Choose a base color for the pot that resembles natural materials, such as gray, brown or a terra cotta. Shake the can and spray the pot until none of the primer color shows through. Wait until the paint dries completely and is no longer tacky when touched.


Step 5

Put on disposable gloves and open a small can of paint that is a darker color than the base color, such as black, dark gray, dark green or brown. Pour out 2 to 3 tablespoons on a paper plate. Ball up a cloth rag in your hand and dab it into the paint on the plate, and then blot it on the plate to remove the excess.


Step 6

Dab the cloth gently over the exterior surface of the pot in a random pattern to create an antique vintage look on it. Do not completely cover the base coat with the second paint color.

Step 7

Set the cloth aside and pick up a clean cloth. Rub the cloth gently over the pot's surface softening the edges of the paint and blending it in so it looks smudged.

Step 8

Wait 24 hours for the paint dry, and then turn the pot over a plant it as desired.


It is not necessary to paint the interior of the plastic pot as long as it is filled it with soil and plants.


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