How to Make a Greek Wreath

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire hanger

  • Wire cutters

  • Tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Oblong leaves (bay or oak, ideally)

  • Ribbon

Bay leaves are the most common leaves used in laurels.

A laurel head wreath was a symbol of reverence used by the ancient Greeks that was carried on by future dynasties such as the Romans. Toga parties are a popular college party theme, made famous by the movie "Animal House." When attending a toga party, a laurel wreath adds a distinct flair to your costume. Making your own laurel wreath is a simple craft that can be completed with only an empty wire hanger, some inexpensive materials and leaves.


Step 1

Wrap the wire around the head of the wearer.

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Step 2

Snip the wire so that the two ends of the wire just barely touch when placed around the head.

Step 3

Bend 2 inches at one end of the wire ring back, creating a small loop at the end of the wire.

Step 4

Bend 2 inches at the second end of the wire ring back making a matching loop. This makes it so that your wire frame does not extend fully around the wearer's head, but instead extends around to approximately the temples of the wearer.

Step 5

Cut strips of tissue paper 2 inches long, and then fold the strips in half to create double-thick strips 1 inch wide.


Step 6

Wrap a piece of tissue paper around one loop on the wire ring, and then wrap the paper around the wire ring, continuing around the ring until you reach the end of the paper. Secure with tape.

Step 7

Secure additional pieces of tissue paper until you have wrapped the entire ring with paper.


Step 8

Trim the bottom of your leaves if they do not have stems, so there is an approximately 1/2-inch section of only stem at the bottom of each. If your leaves still have stems attached, skip the trimming.

Step 9

Place a leaf at the front of the wire over one loop, and secure with tape across the stem so the point of the leaf hangs off the front of the wire.


Step 10

Secure additional leaves to the wire, moving back toward the center of the wire ring as you go, to create a leafy wreath. Stop when you reach the center of the ring and have covered half the wire with leaves.

Step 11

Cover the second half of the ring with leaves, again starting at the front and moving back.

Step 12

Tie a ribbon around the center of the hanger, obscuring where the last leaves are secured with tape.


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