How to Reset a Propane Check Valve

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Propane tanks are available in an assortment of sizes to accommodate the many different uses for this gas. There are many uses for propane such as heating residences, industrial, agricultural and commercial uses. Propane tanks are equipped with a check valve to monitor gas flow. If you notice low gas flow or propane leaks, you should check the valve because it may need to be reset. It is possible to reset the check valve on your grill yourself, which may save you money instead of calling a professional.


Step 1

Turn the valve to shut off the container. Unscrew the connection to disconnect the propane tank from where ever it is hooked up to.

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Step 2

Switch the gas grill valves to the highest setting if using a grill to expel any residual gas or pressure.

Step 3

Shut off the grill. Reconnect the container by tightly screwing on the connections.

Step 4

Switch the tank valve to the "on" position. Turn the switch very slowly. This will allow the gas to enter the grill slowly, which will put the propane tank in check.


A propane leak can be serious and could lead to explosions. It is important to get this problem checked out as soon as possible.

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