How to Cut Laminate Sheets With Scissors

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • T-square

  • Grease pencil

  • Rag

You need heavy-duty scissors to cut laminate sheeting.

Laminate sheeting has a few benefits over tile. It's more cost effective and can go on more quickly than tile. But, unless your room is rectangular and exactly the size of your laminate sheet, you'll have some cutting to do. Laminate is surprisingly easy to cut. A pair of large, sharp scissors will do the trick. To avoid mistakes, always be sure to measure twice before cutting once.

Step 1

Lay a measuring tape or T-square along all edges of the floor, countertop, desk or other item that you intend to cover with laminate sheeting. Write down the measurements on a sheet of paper. Measure a second time and compare the measurements to what you have written down.

Step 2

Lay the laminate on the floor, face up.

Step 3

Measure the laminate sheeting to match the measurements you made in Step 1. Mark out the cut you're going to make with a grease pencil. Use the ruler to make straight, even lines. Mark long horizontal or vertical lines by measuring in from the edge of the laminate sheet. For example, if trimming 3 inches off of one side of the laminate sheeting, measure and mark the point 3 inches in from the edge with your T-square at roughly 6-inch intervals. Then draw a straight line, 3 inches from the edge of the laminate sheeting that connects the marks.

Step 4

Measure the lines again to check for accuracy.

Step 5

Move the laminate sheeting to a large work table, face up. Hang the edge you intend to cut off over the edge of the table.

Step 6

Cut the laminate with a pair of scissors. Hold the main part of the laminate sheeting steady while you cut.

Step 7

Wipe the edge with a rag to remove any cutting debris.


Use a white grease pencil on dark laminate sheeting and a black grease pencil on light laminate sheeting. Scissors are only ideally suited for straight cuts. Use a keyhole saw for cutting holes or curves. Use heavy-duty metal scissors to cut laminate sheeting. Tin snips or laminate shears are ideal.