How to Hand-Wash Socks

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If you have a large collection of socks, wash them in loads based on material or color.

Whether you're trying to save money on utilities or your washer is on the fritz, hand-washing your socks is always an option. Although this method may require extra effort on your part, your socks will be just as clean as socks from the washer. Continue to hand-wash your socks regularly to avoid foot fungus and odor.


Step 1

Fill a kitchen sink with water. Hot water may shrink socks, but it will kill fungi more effectively than cold water.

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Step 2

Add liquid detergent or bleach to the water.

Step 3

Submerge the socks into the water and allow them to soak for up to 30 minutes. If you have a light load you can decrease this time, but if you have a heavy load, let the socks soak for a little longer.


Step 4

Kneed the socks by hand. If you added bleach to the water, wear gloves during this step.

Step 5

Wring out the socks and set them aside in a bucket or another sink basin.

Step 6

Drain the sink and then refill it with clean water. The water temperature can be the same as before, but don't add detergent or bleach this time.


Step 7

Place the socks back in the water and let them sit for 30 minutes. If the socks are still soapy, you may need to drain and refill the water again.

Step 8

Remove the socks and gently wring them out.

Step 9

Hang the socks outside to dry on a clothesline. You can use hangers or clothespins to secure the socks to the line.



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