How to Get Rid of a Greenish-Blue Stain in a Porcelain Tub

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic or glass container

  • 1 cup white vinegar

  • 1 tbsp. lemon Juice

  • Terry cloth (or other absorbent material)

Remove mineral stains from porcelain tub surfaces to prevent damage.

People who live in areas known for hard water will have to deal with mineral deposits on a porcelain tub. Hard water stains are greenish-blue in color and cannot be removed with most standard cleaners. Left untreated, the greenish-blue stains may become crusted and damage the porcelain finish on a bathtub. It is best to remove these stains as soon as they appear on porcelain tubs, sinks and fixtures. Removing stains as soon as they appear will ensure that they do not cause damage.


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Step 1

Immediate stain removal can prevent damage

Scrub the bathtub to remove soap scum and other dirt from the surface of the bathtub. The cleaner the surface is, the easier it will be to remove the mineral deposits.

Step 2

Combine white vinegar and lemon juice in a nonmetal container. Mix ingredients thoroughly to get the best results.


Step 3

Apply the cleaning solution with a soft cloth (terry or other highly absorbent cloth) to all stained surfaces. Allow the mixture to sit for two to three minutes. Scrub the area well if the stain is still visible. Repeat application of solution if necessary.

Step 4

Rinse the entire surface thoroughly with warm water after the stain is removed. Dry with a clean, absorbent cloth (such as terry). If any white residue appears after drying, repeat rinsing. White residue indicates the cleaning solution has not been thoroughly rinsed from the tub's surface.


Drying a porcelain tub between uses can prevent the buildup of mineral stains. Cleaning solutions containing trisodium phosphate can be effective in preventing stains. Cleaning with ammonia and water after stain removal may prevent future staining.


Use all chemical mixtures in a well-ventilated area. Avoid using harsh cleansers on porcelain to avoid damaging the finish. Read and follow warning labels on all cleaning solutions.


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