How Do I Stop Streaks on My Bona Polished Floor?

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Things You'll Need

  • Bona polish

  • Microfiber polishing pad

  • Mop

Bona creates a line of products intended to keep wood, stone, tile and laminate floors clean, polished and bright. While Bona polish gives floors a bright sheen, sometimes the polish forms streaks. This can occur when you don't use enough polish. An uneven layer of polish looks like streaks on the floor. One bottle of Bona floor polish should cover 500 square feet of flooring. Follow the polish instructions to remove any streaks.


Step 1

Let the coat of polish dry for two hours.

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Step 2

Gently shake the polish to mix it in the bottle.

Step 3

Dampen the microfiber application pad and attach it to the mop.


Step 4

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of polish to the streak mark on the floor. Spread the polish over the streak mark, using the microfiber mop back and forth over the area until the streak mark disappears. Apply more polish if needed.

Step 5

Repeat the process with any other streak marks on the floor.

Step 6

Let the floor dry for an hour but avoid walking on it for 24 hours.


Allow Bona polish to dry on the floor; don't rinse it.


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