Sublimation Coatings Instructions

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Sublimation coatings are clear, paint-like coatings made by Digi-Coat that can be applied to virtually any surface, making that surface into a sublimatable substrate. In this process, it allows an image to be transferred to any type of product or surface that has been covered with the coating. Sublimation coatings are applied using aerosol spray, which affords a greater control over the amount applied. Materials as diverse as wood, metal and glass can be coated to allow images to adhere to them and not lose any definition.


Sublimation coatings make it easier to adhere dyes to items such as glass or wood.

Things You'll Need

  • Adhesion Promoter (Optional)

  • Tarp

  • Digi Coat Clear Sublimation Coating

  • Object (To Have Image Transferred To)

  • Paint-Curing Oven

Step 1

Preheat paint-curing oven to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Step 2

Shake can well for at least 60 seconds. Remove the lid from the can and align the spray nozzle with the mark on the top edge of the can.

Step 3

Lay a tarp down on a flat surface to protect that surface from over-spray.


Step 4

Verify that the surface of the item to be coated is dry, debris-free and grease-free. Prime ceramic and glass objects with adhesion promoter prior to sublimation coating application.

Step 5

Spray the sublimation coating in an area that is free of any kind of breeze, including that from an air-conditioning vent. Spray the surface of the item at a distance of about 10 inches.


Step 6

Make several passes with the aerosol spray coating to achieve a high-gloss finish on the item.

Step 7

Allow the item to air dry for 10 minutes. Place the item in a paint-curing oven to cure for 20 minutes.


The use of sublimation coating is not recommended for use on acrylic products because they cannot withstand the heat of the curing oven.



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