How to Clean Velcro Hair

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra Velcro piece

  • Duct tape

  • Hair brush

  • Comb

  • Tweezers

Velcro is a very useful invention used on a variety of products from clothing to hair rollers. Unfortunately, the same design that makes Velcro stick so well to itself also attracts unwanted items such as hair, which often become stuck on the Velcro and difficult to get off. A few techniques may clean hair and other debris out of Velcro; see which works best for you.


Step 1

Slide a piece of extra Velcro across the surface of the Velcro with hair and debris trapped in it. Repeat several times to remove the debris.

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Step 2

Lie a piece of duct tape over the Velcro and press down on the tape to flatten it down. Pull up the tape. The hair and debris should come out with the tape.

Step 3

Brush the Velcro with a hair brush in multiple directions to remove the hair and debris.


Step 4

Comb the Velcro with a comb in multiple directions to remove the hair and debris.

Step 5

Use tweezers to grasp the hair, and other debris and pull it out of the Velcro. This process is time-consuming, but may be the only way to remove stubborn hair and other debris stuck in the Velcro.


Once you clean the Velcro, spray some anti-static spray to help it resist attracting lint and other debris.