How to Get Fuzz Off of Velvet

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Velvet is used to make dresses, as well as cover furniture.

Velvet is the name for the three-dimensional way fabrics like cotton, rayon and silk are arranged. The material has a fuzzy surface that can be damaged if not properly cared for. It also is a magnet for lint. Removing the lint from the fabric is simple, but it takes more than throwing the velvet in the wash machine to clean. You will need to pay close attention to the material if you want to remove all the fuzz from the velvet.


Things You'll Need

  • Lint brush

  • Masking tape

  • Lint roller

  • Washcloth

  • Water

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Step 1

Brush against the pile of the velvet with a lint brush. The pile is the fiber that sticks up away from the fabric. Use short, firm strokes. The fuzz will stick to the brush.

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Step 2

Wrap your hand with tape so the sticky side faces away from your skin. Dab the tape on the fuzz to pull it off of the velvet. Another option is to roll a lint roller on the velvet. The fuzz will stick to the lint roll and be pulled off of the velvet.

Step 3

Wet a washcloth and squeeze the excess water from the cloth. Using short swipes, brush against the pile to pull the fuzz off the velvet.


Read the label to determine if the velvet is dry clean only or machine washable. If it's dry clean only do not use Step 3.



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