How to Make a Fake Ax

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Corrugated cardboard: 2 sheets large enough for 2 ax heads each

  • Craft knife

  • Newspaper

  • Silver spray paint

  • Wooden handle

  • Duct tape

  • Stapler

Look at images of real axes for the right ax head shape.
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A real ax isn't exactly practical or safe to use as a prop for playtime or Halloween. Instead, make a simple fake version out of cardboard or foam and a wooden handle or dowel. Duct tape helps hold your creation together.


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Step 1

Sketch a design for the ax head on paper using a pencil. Study actual pictures or illustrations of the type of ax you wish to create so your version looks as realistic as possible. Draw the ax head in the actual size you would like to use for your fake axe.

Step 2

Cut out the paper ax head using scissors. Set the cutout on the piece of corrugated cardboard and trace around it. Move the paper ax head over to a fresh area of the cardboard and trace it again, so you'll have two ax heads.


Step 3

Place another sheet of scrap cardboard underneath the cardboard with the ax shapes drawn on it. Cut out both ax heads by carefully scoring the cardboard with a craft knife or utility knife. Cut the scored lines with scissors to cut the ax heads out completely.

Step 4

Cover a work area outdoors or in a well-ventilated area with newspaper. Set the cardboard ax heads atop the paper.


Step 5

Shake the spray paint can for a minute or so, and then spray the cardboard while holding the can 12 inches from the cardboard pieces. Paint the edges of the cardboard as well. There's no need to paint the reverse sides of the ax heads. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 6

Set one cardboard ax head face down on a work surface. Position the ax handle so the top of the ax head lines up with the top of the handle, perpendicular to it. Secure the handle to the head with strips of duct tape, smoothing the tape down as you work. Silver duct tape will match the painted ax head.


Step 7

Set the second cardboard ax head atop the handle, lining it up with the ax head beneath the handle. Push the cardboard down and staple the fronts of the ax heads together several times. Repeat the process with the back sides of each cardboard ax head. Staple the center of each piece of cardboard to the wooden handle several times as well.


You can use a cardboard tube or a 24-inch portion of a broomstick or tool handle in place of a wooden ax handle for a child's fake ax. A thin foam pool noodle will also work.

Instead of cardboard, use sheets of craft foam to make the ax head. The ax handle may be made of several sheets of foam glued or duct-taped together, or use thin pool noodle foam.

Cover the cardboard ax head with aluminum foil in place of spray painting the cardboard, for a child-friendly craft project.

Make a large battleax by using a long tool handle, such as the handle from a broom or shovel -- instead of an ax handle. Cut out an appropriate battleax head shape instead of a standard wood-chopping ax head.


Wear a dust mask or respirator while spray painting to avoid breathing in fumes.


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