How to Make a Fisherman's Bracelet

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A fisherman's bracelet is made from fishing tackle. It is commonly made at Christian events as a reference to Jesus's words in Matthew 4:19, where he promises to make his followers fisher of men. This craft project is suitable even for young children. The end result is a sturdy piece of jewelry that can be worn to to remind the wearer of the lesson.


Step 1

Open the snap end of a lead-free swivel hook the way you would a safety pin. Depress the loose end and push it to one side. This allows the prong to spring free.

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Step 2

Hook the freed prong through the loop at the rear of another swivel hook.

Step 3

Close the prong. You now have two swivel hooks that are snapped together.

Step 4

Continue adding swivel hooks until there are enough to go around your wrist.

Step 5

Close the bracelet by opening the final swivel hook and hooking it through the loop at the rear of the chain.

Step 6

Wear the fisherman's bracelet by sliding it onto your wrist.


Thread beads onto the prongs before hooking them through the loop. This gives the bracelet some color.

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