How to Build a Fiberglass Sphere

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Things You'll Need

  • Thick-walled beach ball

  • Soap, water and sponge

  • Plastic sheeting

  • Fiberglass mat or cloth

  • Utility scissors

  • Fiberglass resin and hardener

  • Disposable gloves, respirator, protective clothing

  • Power sander or sandpaper and sanding block

Fiberglass is commonly used in boats and automobiles.

Fiberglass is very strong and lightweight. Use fiberglass spheres as hanging lamps, garden art or decorative architectural accents. Cut the sphere in half, cut a hole in the top, and insert a hanging lamp kit to add retro style to your dining room. Decorate the sphere with mirror tiles and place in the garden for use as a reflecting ball. Use the sphere to accent columns, walkways or other architectural features at a fraction of the weight of traditional concrete.


Step 1

Prepare the materials and the work surface. Clean the beach ball with soap and water and let dry. Cut the fiberglass mat or cloth to size. Cut several pieces that wrap around the beach ball. Cover a work surface with the plastic sheeting, and place the beach ball and the cut fiberglass mat on the sheeting.

Step 2

Mix the resin and hardener together. Wear gloves and protective clothing to keep skin from contacting the resin. Mix in a well-ventilated location such as an open-sided carport, or wear a respirator.


Step 3

Dip the fiberglass mat into the resin/hardener mixture. Place the wet mat on the beach ball and smooth into place eliminating as many air bubbles as possible. Continue cutting, wetting and placing mat until half of the beach ball is covered. Butt joins between pieces of cloth to create as smooth a surface as possible. Let dry. Repeat for the other half of the ball.

Step 4

Sand excess fiberglass from the first layer. Wipe down with a wet cloth to remove any dust. Add additional layers in the same fashion as the first layer. Overlap butt joints from the previous layer to make the sphere stronger. Your intended use of the object will determine the number of layers required. Apply at least three layers for typical uses such as light fixtures. Finish the sphere as desired such as painting with a sanded paint to mimic concrete.


Spray WD-40 on your gloves to keep the fiberglass mat from sticking.


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