How to Repair KraftMaid Drawers That Won't Close

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Things You'll Need

  • Can of compressed air

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

KraftMaid manufactures a complete line of cabinets and associated accessories. The KraftMaid drawers are self-adjusting and self-closing. Sometimes, though, things happen that prevent a drawer from closing all the way. If this should occur, the drawer hardware allows for several adjustments by the user. Repairing a KraftMaid drawer that won't close might involve a simple cleaning to remove dirt or a minor adjustment to one of the track clips. Making adjustments or evaluating why the drawer is not closing does require removing the drawer from the cabinet.


Step 1

Open the KraftMaid drawer, and take everything out of the drawer. Fully extend the drawer, and find the orange clips on the track behind the drawer.

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Step 2

Push both orange clips inward, and pull the drawer straight out of the tracks. Pull the cabinet track out to the fully extended position. Blow compressed air into the cabinet track to remove any debris.


Step 3

Tighten any loose screws that secure the cabinet track to the cabinet with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Sometimes a screw is not inserted all the way or works itself loose. The head of the screw prevents the drawer from closing all the way.

Step 4

Insert the drawer back into the cabinet, and line up the drawer guide with the cabinet track. Continue to push the drawer into the cabinet until the track locks into place. If the drawer still does not close all the way, close it as much as possible. Look at the top and bottom of the drawer to determine if the drawer requires raising or lowering.


Step 5

Open the drawer until you can access the orange clips near the rear of the drawer and the gray clips on the back of the cabinet track.

Step 6

Move the lever on the orange clips to raise the drawer as necessary. If the drawer requires lowering, move the levers on the gray clips forward to lower the drawer as necessary. Close the KraftMaid drawer.


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