How to Replace the Lock on a Hon Brand File Cabinet

HON file cabinets use a cam lock to secure the drawers. The cam lock engages a mechanism on the inside of the cabinet that locks the lower drawers, while a lock bolt on the cam secures the top drawer. When keys get lost or you want to rekey the cabinet, it is necessary to change the lock. Replacing the lock on a Hon brand file cabinet is similar to replacing a cam lock on most file cabinets.

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Remove Old Lock

Open the top HON file cabinet drawer and pull out the contents. Once the drawer is empty, fully extend the drawer. Lift the front of the drawer up, and pull it free of the cabinet.

Find the c-clip securing the current lock to the cabinet. The c-clip is around the neck of the lock cylinder inside the cabinet. Pry the c-clip away with a flat-head screwdriver.

Pull the existing lock from the front of the cabinet while dislodging it from the linkage for the lower drawers. Push the linkage that connected to the lock and the lower drawer mechanism down to unhook it from the drawer mechanism.

Install New Lock

Hold the new lock cylinder in one hand with the grooves on the cylinder neck facing the top. Insert the key into the lock. Rotate the key until the lock tab is pointing up. Insert the lock into the hole in the cabinet.

Rotate the key one-quarter turn clockwise. Position the c-clip flush against the inside of the cabinet, with the open end of the c-clip pointing to the lock cylinder. Hold the lock cylinder against the cabinet, and then push the c-clip over the cylinder. There are grooves on the cylinder that the c-clip fits over to provide a secure mount.

Insert the pointed end of the new linkage into the hole behind the cylinder lock bolt. Insert the square angled end of the linkage into the hole on the side of the lower drawer lock mechanism. Bend the end of the linkage into the lower drawer mechanism with the flat-head screwdriver. Bend the end until it forms a “U” shape.

Rotate the key several times to lock and unlock the lower drawers to ensure proper operation. Insert the rear of the top drawer into the cabinet, and then slide the drawer closed. Operate the drawer a couple of times to ensure it operates correctly. Place the contents back in the drawer.


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