How to Troubleshoot a Cub Cadet Push Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Spark plug

  • Socket wrench

  • Fuel

The Cub Cadet push mower has a small engine that powers the cutting blade. The push-mower design allows the operator to mow grass quicker than older mowers that feature cutting tines that rotate as they touch the ground. The Cub Cadet push mower is manufactured with quality standards, but occasionally problems may arise. If the push mower does not start or operate as expected, Cub Cadet suggests the following troubleshooting steps to find and correct the problem.

Step 1

Check the spark plug boot. Make sure the boot is securely fastened to the spark plug. Push the boot onto the spark plug firmly, using your fingers.

Step 2

Check the fuel tank. If the fuel level is nearly empty, add fresh fuel until the level is near the full mark.

Step 3

Prime the engine, if so equipped. The primer bulb is a small plastic fuel bulb located near the fuel tank. If the primer bulb is present, press slowly and firmly on the bulb five times, using your fingers.

Step 4

Check the blade control. The mower will not start unless the blade control lever is squeezed when you are trying to start the mower. If the blade control lever is not functioning, inspect the cable from the lever to the engine to find the problem.

Step 5

Replace the spark plug. Remove the spark plug boot, pulling it off with your fingers. Remove the spark plug, using a socket wrench. Install the new spark plug and tighten securely with a socket wrench. Push the spark plug boot onto the spark plug, using your fingers.


Allow the engine to cool completely before starting this procedure.

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