How Does a Fire Blanket Work?

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Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are used to put out small household fires quickly and efficiently. They are most commonly used in the kitchen where small stove fires can happen. A fire blanket uses a fire-resistant material to smother a fire and block out one of the elements that keeps a fire going. Common fires need three things to keep going: heat, oxygen and fuel. When one of the elements is removed, a fire ceases to exist. Fire blankets can be made out of different material depending on who manufactured it and what it is used for. Welders use a special type of fire blanket to put out fires that may arise from welding jobs. Common household use fire blankets are made out of fiberglass, which is a lightweight fire-retardant material.


How Does A Fire Blanket Put Out A Fire?

A fire blanket placed correctly over the top of a fire smothers the flames. Once the fire blanket covers the surface area where the fire is present, it seals off the oxygen supply to the fire. Cutting out this part of the fire triangle stops the fire from spreading and growing. A fire blanket is used only to stop small fires. If a fire is large, then it is best to leave the vicinity as quickly as possible and to call the fire department.


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Using and Keeping Fire Blankets

Fire blankets come in small plastic packages that are easy to store just about anywhere. The plastic package containing the fire blanket will have directions on how to use it properly written directly on the packaging. It is important to read these instructions as soon as the blanket is purchased. Different manufacturers may have different proceedings on how the fire blanket is taken out of the packaging. The most common packaging for a fire blanket is the plastic package with two tabs on the bottom. These tabs are pulled, which releases the fire blanket so it can be thrown over top of the fire quickly and easily. Fire blankets should be stored near areas where small fires may occur. Common areas that small house fires start in are the kitchen and also the porch area where a grill is often kept. Placing the fire blanket container on the wall in the kitchen and somewhere outside near the grill can save you the hassle of dealing with a large fire when it is used properly.