Cleaning Smudges on Eyeglass Lenses

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Removing Smudges

Keeping your eyeglasses smudge-free is important to maintaining good vision. This can be hard when you remove your glasses often, which can leave fingerprints; or if you have small children who frequently touch your eyeglass lenses. Most of these smudges contain oil, so it may take more than wiping your eyeglasses on your shirttail to remove them. Removing smudges from your eyeglasses daily can help you avoid buildup that is difficult to remove.

Washing Your Lenses

Use a small amount of cleanser on the lenses of your eyeglasses. You can use either a small amount of dish soap or a spray that has been professionally formulated to clean eyeglasses. Rub the liquid on your lenses, being careful not to put too much pressure on the frames or the lenses themselves. Never try to clean smudges off your glasses without using a liquid, or you could scratch the lenses.

Drying Your Lenses

Dry your lenses with a soft, clean cloth. If your lenses have a scratch-resistant coating, you do not have to be as careful about the type of cloth you use. Microfiber towels are best because they are soft and lint-free. Do not use cloths that have been washed or dried with a fabric softener, which can put a dull, greasy coating on your lenses.