Making A Flag With Beads

Gather Materials

Display your patriotic spirit with a flag pin made with beads! These are a fun and easy craft to do with children, and they make great gifts because who wouldn't love a flag pin to wear on patriotic holidays? They are also fun to do during a Fourth of July picnic or celebration.

To make the pins, first gather up your materials. You are going to need 12 large (size 2) safety pins per flag, as well as 58 white beads, 58 red beads and 28 blue beads per pin. These beads should be fairly small (seed beads) but with holes large enough to slip onto the safety pins.

Create the Stripes

Set aside seven of the safety pins. On each of these seven pins, you will want to place 13 beads. Start with red and alternate so that you end up with red, white, red ,white, red, white, red, white, red, white, red, white, red. Repeat until you have all seven pins loaded with 13 beads each. When the pins are lined up side by side, they will have horizontal rows of red and white beads.

Finish the Flag

Take four more pins. These will be the "star" sections of your flag. On each pin, place seven blue beads in a row, then alternate red and white beads until you have 13 beads. So, from the hinge on out your beads should be as follows: blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, white, red, white, red, white, red.

You should have one last pin left. This pin will anchor all of the others. Line up the pins side by side so that they create a flag shape, with the hinges at the top of the pins. Open your remaining pin and put it through the hinge circle of the other pins, starting with the pins with the blue section (see picture above). Then, close the pin and make sure your flag is hanging the correct way.