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How to Eat Fresh Figs

A cooked ham
Pinto beans (full frame)
close-up of unpeeled almonds
Corn sticks in pan
Woman looking in refrigerator
A Bowl of Cod Stew
Green bean casserole
Girl and mother in kitchen
Green bean on wood background.
Fungus on tree
Cup of coffee
Milk and Cookies
Squash on vines
Father, son (5-7) and daughter (2-4) baking in kitchen
Radicchio leaf against white background, close-up
Garbanzo beans (full frame)
Risotto with cinnamon in plate, selective focus
Close-up of almonds
Bok choy

Bok Choy Substitute

Macaroni noodles
Variety of peppers
Bottle of olive oil
Canned tuna on savoy leaves
Pilaf with Azuki Beans
Assorted beers and ales
Raw hamburger texture
Roast Pork with Horseradish Mayonnaise

What Does Horseradish Taste Like?

Peeled potatoes
Leafy green kale texture