Potato wedges
Risotto alla milanese (risotto with saffron), Lombardy, Italy
Crepes with fruit and creme
Bell Pepper Cream Soup with Garlic Croutons
Spoonful of chopped egg
Basket of fried chicken
Selection of sausages
high angle view of racks of lamb served on a platter
Cod Fillet in Red Sauce
Two pigs roasting in France
Photo, pudding with raspberries, Color, High res
Ears of corn
Multigenerational family  in kitchen
Spinach in Peanut Cream Sauce
Photo, close-up of a grilled salmon dinner with green beans, Color
Soft tacos and ingredients
Raw vegetables
Butcher display
Smiling girl at Thanksgiving dinner with family
Barbecue sandwich and cheese puffs
Barbecued beef sandwich
Marbled Chocolate Mousse Dumplings
Baked Pasta with Broccoli & Ground Meat
Young Chicken with Grapefruit
close-up of a person slicing a meat loaf
Woman using phone and microwave
Barbecue sandwich and cheese puffs
Pork chop
Woman eating edamame
Close-up of okra