Vickers Pump Identification

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Vickers Pumps are among the most recognized hydraulic pumps in the world

Vickers Pumps are capable of pushing large amounts of oil through cylinders. Their unique design allows for easy repair and interchangeability between pumps in the event that upgrades are necessary.



Designed to provide low-to-medium hydraulic pressure, the Vickers V10/V20 pumps feature integral valve options that have reduced the size and cost of the unit, which can either be permanently installed or moved from location to location.


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The V/VQ series of Vickers pumps is outfitted with a cartridge kit design that allows for easy repair. With a cold start capability, the V/VQ series of pumps is ready for use at a moment's notice in virtually any industrial setting.



The Vickers V series of hydraulic pumps features an intra-cartridge design specifically designed for use in industrial settings.



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