Do All Cherry Trees Bloom First in the Spring or Do They Get Leaves and Then Bloom?

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Cherry trees are among the first bloomers of spring.

Fruiting and flowering varieties of cherry trees all bloom in early to mid spring. Generally their flowers appear before the leaves, but the blooms can occur concurrently with the emergence of the leaves. The leaves, however, will not appear before the blossoms.


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Cherry Blossom Types

Cherry blossoms can be white or pink, double or single.

Cherry trees have a wide range of blossoms depending on species. They may possess single or double flowers, and they may be various shades of pink and white. Double flowers tend to last longer into the spring than single flowers.


Blossom Pollination

Cherry trees are self-pollinators.

Cherries are self pollinating. They will blossom regardless of the presence of another cherry tree of the same or different species. As long as the pollen from the flower's anther transfers to the stigma, the cherry tree will blossom.


Site Considerations

Cherry blossoms can be injured by late frosts.

Due to the time of year that cherries blossom, occasionally the blossoms are subject to late frosts, which can impede flowering or damage the buds. To fully reap the benefits of a cherry tree's blossoms, plant them in a location protected from frost.