How Does a Fan Work on a Toe Kick Heater?

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Toe heaters are ideal for warming up cold spaces and floors, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Toe kick heaters are available as self-contained electric units and hot water coils connected to an existing boiler system. Both types allow for temperature controlled fan operation.

Electric Toe Kick Heater

An electric toe kick heater is installed as a complete unit mounted beneath your cabinet. The unit can be wired to operate with your main heating system, or independently with its own thermostatic control. The fan is operated by an internal, temperature sensing relay that turns the fan on and off during normal operation.


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Hot Water Coil Toe Kick Heater

A hot water coil toe kick heater can be plumbed in with your existing boiler system. An electrical circuit must also be connected for fan operation. Similar to an electric toe kick heater, the fan operates off a temperature sensing relay. As the boiler heats the coil and warms the surrounding space, the fan turns on and forces the heat into the room.


Automatic Fan Operation

Toe kick heaters can be installed to work independently of your existing heating system and use a separate thermostat. Bathrooms can be warmed independently from the rest of your house, maximizing comfort and saving energy.


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