T1-11 Siding Problems

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Exterior coverings of a home (siding or cladding) are meant to protect the home from weather elements as well as enhance the aesthetics of the structure. One such type of this siding is grooved plywood sheets or T1-11.


Engineered from wood products and other materials pressed together, T1-11 siding can be wood or cedar panels that mirror traditional clapboards. It is cost efficient and easy to install.


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Because T1-11 siding is a manufactured product the grain is uniform and the appearance of natural wood is sacrificed. It is untreated and therefore, inadequate at protecting against moisture unless painted or sealed. It is best suited for use on small projects or sheds. It delaminates when exposed to rain, water or heat. T1-11 needs to be repainted and caulked. It is difficult to install over existing siding.


Inspections should be conducted frequently for damage because rotting and mold quickly follow after this material has delaminated and water has been allowed to penetrate it. T1-11 has a higher risk of delamination if not painted or sealed. T1-11 siding is subject to damage by insects.



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