Pros & Cons of Aluminum Decking

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Decking made from aluminum is one of several options homeowners have when building a new deck or transforming an old one. There are many companies that make aluminum decking, and it's usually not too difficult to find in home department stores.


Aluminum decking is one of the more durable options. It holds up much better than wood. It can withstand direct sunlight, rain and snow. It does not need regular treating like wood decking, either. It is also priced reasonably, making it affordable for most homeowners. Aluminum will not expand or contract like wood and polyethylene.


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One of the biggest negatives of aluminum decking is that it is often noisy when subjected to heavy footsteps or when many people are walking across it at once. It is also more dangerous when ice forms on its surface, as it becomes more slippery than wood or even polyethylene. Installation can also be tricky, although nails and screws are not needed in most cases.


Aluminum decking is often made to look like wood. However, even the best attempt at creating a wood grain appearance can never match up to the real thing. This may be a problem for some, while others will not care. It comes down to personal preference, but you should take a look at an example of aluminum decking before purchasing it yourself. The best-case scenario is to see an entire deck made of the substance as opposed to just a small section in a store.



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