When to Plant Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme in Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix lies in a low elevation, hot desert region.

Frost in January and excessive heat in summer breaks up the Phoenix growing season. Ideal planting times for container-grown herbs is in spring or fall. Water them to establish roots so they grow well. If they die, replant again later in six months.


Time Frame

Plant parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme herbs either in early to mid February or in early to mid October. If winter cold or summer heat and rain cause the plant to die, you can replant the herbs again to grow and produce stems and leaves to harvest again.


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Plant Longevity

Rosemary, thyme and common sage herbs all grow as shrubby perennials in Phoenix, returning year after year. Parsley is a biennial, usually grown as a seasonal spring or fall annual.


Cultural Considerations

All of these herbs grow well in containers as well as in the ground. All thrive when planted in a well-drained soil and exposed to six to 10 hours of direct sunlight. Partial sun or dappled light across the intense sunlight of summer keeps the plants looking their best.


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