What Flower Is Known as a Texas Rose?

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Texas hosts a number of different flower species in its warm climate. One in particular is known as a Texas rose. It is a feature in native Texan gardens and grows throughout the state naturally.



A variety of pink skullcap known as Texas rose, Scutellaria suffrutescens "Texas Rose" is a Mexican-native plant which is often used as a groundcover. Texas rose plants feature small pink or red flowers that resemble snapdragon blossoms. These flowers bloom in late spring and last until early fall.

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Texas rose plants grow along dry hillsides and in rocky areas. The plant prefers full sun but can handle partial shade. Soil for the Texas rose should be well-drained. It has high heat and drought tolerance, allowing it to thrive in Texas weather.


Another Texas Rose

In addition to the pink skullcap, which is called the Texas rose, Harrison's Yellow Rose, or Rosa x harisonii, is called the yellow rose of Texas. Harrison's Yellow Rose shrubs feature fragrant yellow flowers and grow to 6 feet tall.