Does White Vinegar Kill Weeds?

Weeds are the unwanted guests of any home garden or lawn.

With numerous weed killing products on the market, it might be hard to determine which is best. For those looking to kill weeds in an organic fashion, white vinegar is the way to go. White vinegar is cheaper than most store brand weed killers.

The Facts

White distilled vinegar can be used to kill weeds that grow in gardens, lawns and through concrete. The white distilled vinegar should be sprayed on the top of the weed. Gardeners should reapply the white vinegar on any new weed growth. Eventually the weed will starve and die.


One of the main benefits of using white vinegar to kill weeds is that it's organic. Store brand weed killers may contain pesticides and toxins that can be deadly if consumed by a house pet. Toxins can also enter the water supply and be damaging to human beings.


White vinegar may kill weeds, but it also kills the surrounding plants that come in contact with it. The ingredient in white vinegar that kills weeds is acetic acid. Acetic acid kills weeds, and other plants, by sucking out all of the moisture until it is dead.

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