Cool Things to Do With Empty Liquor Bottles

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You can turn empty liquor bottles into creative craft items.

Glass liquor bottles make versatile craft supplies. You can turn them into lamps, glasses, storage jars, wind chimes, vases and ornaments. Some projects are very simple. Others will require a little preparation and practice.



Fill liquor bottles with water tinted with a little ink, or make cool glowing black light ornaments by mixing fluorescent substances in the water. Paint bottles with glass inks, or fill with glass pebbles and place on your windowsill. Cut bottles into strips for wind chimes, or slice them to make glasses or storage jars. Slump (partially melt) liquor bottles to make dishes and ashtrays.


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Tools and Materials

To cut liquor bottles, you'll need a glass cutter or diamond-covered string. You can find these in craft stores. Slumping bottles requires a kiln. You can find glass paints in arts and craft stores. Wine corks, wax and cord can be used to seal the tops of bottles. Fluorescent paints, highlighter ink and laundry whiteners glow under black light (ultraviolet).



Glass liquor bottles can explode or shatter when heated. Broken and cut glass is dangerously sharp and can inflict nasty injuries, so handle with care.



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