Are My Big Pine Trees Worth Money?

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Are My Big Pine Trees Worth Money?
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To sell trees from your yard kills two birds with one stone. You can clear out space for new projects or new trees, and make some money too. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as calling a company to come and cut down and buy your trees. The value of mature trees on property depends a great deal on the species, number and quality of trees, and pine is far from the most valuable kind of tree. If you need to remove a small number of pine trees from your property, your best bet may be to pay a tree removal service to do the work.



You may be able to sell trees from your yard, but only if you have a large quantity of good-quality mature trees and there's a timber buyer nearby who's in the market for it. Pine trees aren't one of the more valuable tree species, and timber prices fluctuate; use a pine tree value calculator to estimate the value of your trees based on size.

How Feasible Is It to Sell Trees From Your Yard?

Whether or not it's possible to sell your trees to a logging company depends on several things. Quantity matters a great deal when you're thinking about the value of mature trees on a property. You can always pay a tree removal service to come and cut down a handful of trees in your yard. But a logging company probably won't go to the effort and expense of harvesting a property owner's timber and transporting it to a mill unless they have at least 10 acres of trees.


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Accessibility is also an issue. If your property is located close to a sawmill and it's easily accessible, a timber buyer is going to be more interested in buying your pine trees than if your property is very remote or includes any waterways that will make it complicated for loggers to move their equipment.


If you do have enough trees to sell them, you'll almost certainly have to hire a professional to evaluate them and help you sell them. Consider that expense when you're thinking about how much money you could net from selling your trees.

The Value of Pine Trees

The value of mature trees on a property depends largely on their condition and species. Naturally, taller and wider trees are worth more than shorter and thinner trees. Maple, oak and cherry trees garner higher prices, while pine trees are generally on the less valuable end of the spectrum. But the specific type of pine matters too. A white pine tree may be worth three times as much as a loblolly pine of the same size.


It's hard to assign a definitive value to pine trees because the lumber market is always fluctuating, and prices also vary by region. The specific dimensions of your trees matter too. You can use a pine tree value calculator online to give you a general sense of what your trees might be worth based on size. However, a pine tree value calculator can't tell you what a logging company will actually pay for your trees today.


How to Sell Your Trees

If you want to try selling trees from your property, the first step is to contact a consulting forester. These are professionals who can walk your property and calculate the value of your timber. If the consulting forester tells you that you have enough pine trees to be of value to a logging company, they may also be able to assist you with finding a buyer and completing the next steps in the process.



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