When to Plant Fruit Trees in Texas

Timing is crucial for healthy fruit trees in Texas.

Texas has a warm climate, which means that fruit trees in this state should be planted earlier than trees in many other states. While timing is important, it is also essential that you choose the right trees for your location, plant them in an area with good drainage and ample sunlight, and provide good follow-up care.

Apple and Pear Trees

Apple trees should be planted in early spring in Texas, as soon as the ground is not too wet. Try to get young trees in the ground as quickly as you can after you buy them. Apple trees should still be dormant at the time of planting. Pear trees should be planted in late winter or early spring.

Stone Fruit

Stone fruit like peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines should be planted earlier than apple trees. Texas A&M University recommends planting stone fruit trees before March 1; this allows the roots to develop before spring growth starts.


When you buy trees for planting, open the bundles and inspect the roots to make sure that the roots are not damaged or dried out. Prepare the soil by band or through tilling before you plant the trees, and dig holes large enough to accept the trees without cramping.