Can Borax Be Used for a Colored Wash?

Borax, or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring substance that is mined in Boron, California, as well as in Chile and Tibet. It can also be produced using boron compounds.

Borax is great for laundry


Borax is used in insulation, makeup, detergents, cleaners and pesticides. It also is used in the manufacture of ceramics, paint and glass

Pest Control

Borax can deter cockroaches.

Borax sprinkled around your refrigerator is a deterrent to cockroaches. Borax mixed with honey or sugar will attract and kill silverfish and ants.


Borax can be used as a pre-wash soaker to remove stains from clothing. It is especially good at removing urine stains, so many mothers use it as a diaper soaker. Borax also can be used for brightening colored garments and will not harm your colored clothing.


Borax can be toxic if ingested. Keep it away from children and do not get it in your mouth or eyes. It is advisable to wear gloves when you are handling borax as it can cause inflammation and itching.