The Best Time for Planting Roses in Tennessee

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Plant tea roses before midsummer in Tennessee.

According to Ohio State University, gardeners may plant roses at any time from early spring until early fall and still get good results. However, actual planting times tend to vary from region to region. Knowing when to plant can help Tennessee gardeners produce beautiful, healthy rose bushes.


Early Planting

OSU recommends early planting, from spring through early summer, over late planting, particularly in areas with cold winters. Planting in spring helps roses establish strong root systems before winter. Roses planted in midsummer or later may not be able to build a good root network, and can suffer in cold weather.


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Fall Planting

Warmer areas of Tennessee allow for late summer and fall rose planting, since winters there are less harsh. Southern portions of the state lie in Zone 7a, which is considered a warm zone, and suitable for fall planting. Avoid planting China, Noisette and Tea roses after midsummer in this zone. Other rose varieties should do well.



Roses may seem delicate, but they're actually capable of withstanding mild winter weather. Fall-planted roses can withstand a light frost without losing their flowers, and leaves can persist through multiple hard frosts. According to the University of Illinois website, some varieties, such as old garden roses, do better in the cold than others, such as hybrid tea roses.



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