Jade Plant Shriveled Leaves

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Jade plants should have plump, fleshy green leaves.

Jade plants are succulents that produce rounded oval green leaves that are very thick and fleshy. When the jade plant's leaves become shriveled, there are several factors that may be at work.



A jade plant may have shriveled leaves due to a lack of water. Their leaves may also shrivel because they have been moved to a new location and need time to adjust to a higher quantity of light than they were used to.


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Give the jade plant water whenever the soil feels dry and water it until water comes out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Give more water to jade plants that have been moved to a brighter area of the home.



Shriveling leaves on a jade plant are typically related to water. Fertilizing a jade plant with shriveled leaves will not help. Similarly, do not over-water in an attempt to fix this issue, as over-watering leads to issues like root loss and leaf loss.



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