Deer Resistant Flowering Cherry Tree

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Flowering cherry trees add interest to your landscape.

It can be frustrating to landscape in an area where deer are present, as they will eat many trees and shrubs -- sometimes killing them. While no plant is deer-proof, there are many that are deer-resistant or seldom damaged by deer.


Japanese Flowering Cherry

Japanese flowering cherry trees, or Prunus serrulata, have been classified by Rutgers University as a tree that is "seldom severely damaged" by deer. These trees are more resistant to deer than other species of cherry trees. Depending on the variety of tree you grow, it may have either pink or white blossoms.


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Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Varieties

The Kwanzan flowering cherry tree is a Japanese flowering cherry tree that has black bark and pink blossoms. The Yoshino flowering cherry has light pink flower buds and white, slightly fragrant blossoms. Both Kwanzan and Yoshino cherries are grown in Washington, D.C. Other cultivars of Japanese flowering cherry trees are Akebone, Okame, Blireiana, Pink Cloud, and Snow Fountain.


Protection from Deer

If you live in an area where deer are a constant threat to your landscape plants, consider protecting your newly planted flowering cherry tree until it is well established. One way to do this is simply by laying wire fencing on the ground around the tree, as the deer don't like stepping on it, according to "Backwoods Home Magazine" online.



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