The Best Solution for Cleaning a Greasy Kitchen Ceiling

Grease splatters make your kitchen look untidy.

Every time you cook, grease splatters up from the pan and along the cabinets and walls in your kitchen. Grease can even reach as high as your ceiling, leaving behind unsightly colored splotches. Vinegar and water is the best method for removing these stains because it quickly cuts through the grease.


Combine equal parts warm water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the solution directly on the greasy areas of your kitchen ceiling and wipe off with a dry cloth. Continue spraying the solution until the ceiling is completely clean.


Hair spray and disinfectant spray both remove grease stains from surfaces. Spray directly on the grease splatters, let sit for a minute and then wash off with warm water and dish soap.

Expert Insight

Work in small areas at a time, as opposed to spraying down the whole ceiling. The liquid solution will drip down and may cause the grease to splatter on your kitchen floor.